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Advanced Carbon Materials
Activated Carbon for Supercapacitors
Activated Carbon for Supercapacitors
Activated Carbon for Supercapacitors
Activated Carbon for Supercapacitors
Activated Carbon for Supercapacitors
ECO Super Activated Carbon exhibits excellent properties, including high specific surface area, high specific capacitance, high apparent density, high electrical conductivity, low ash and moisture content, and optimized pore size and particle size distribution.
Product Description
  Units Power Series Power Series Energy Series
Specific Surface Area ㎡/g 1700-1900 1800-2000 2200-2400
Specific Capacitance F/g ≥35 ≥37 ≥42
Ash Content % <0.1 <0.1 <0.1
Iron Content ppm <20 <20 <20
Water Content % <0.1 <0.1 <0.1
pH - 7-8 7-8 7-8
Particle Size Distribution μm D50=5-7 D50=5-7 D50=5-7


  Supercapacitor also known as electrochemical capacitor, possess attractive characteristics between Li-ion battery and regular capacitor, such as outstanding pulse charging and discharging performance, high power density, energy storage capacity and long service life. Due to these properties and being relatively lightweight, supercapacitors have emerged as a new energy storage device and in recent years garnered significant attention in scientific and technological communities. Supercapacitors have currently found extensive applications such as in internal combustion engine start-stop systems, new energy vehicles, solar and wind energy storage systems, and the aerospace. Tremendous progress has been made in improving the powertrain of electric vehicles where supercapacitors can better meet the power demands during starting, acceleration and climbing. Using it together with a battery can reduce damage to the battery caused by the large current flow during charging and discharging, hence prolonging the service life of the battery. It also raises the energy efficiency of the vehicle by energy recovery through the regenerative braking system. Therefore, supercapacitors have become one of the keys to the development of electric vehicle power systems.