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Pitch-based Carbon Fiber
Pitch-based Carbon Fiber
Pitch-based Carbon Fiber
Pitch-based Carbon Fiber
Pitch-based Carbon Fiber
Pitch-based Carbon Fiber
Pitch-based Carbon Fiber
Mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber is a cutting-edge product in the carbon fiber family and possesses characteristics unmatched by polyacrylonitrile (PAN)-based carbon fiber of such as high modulus, high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient.
Product Description
  Units Chopped Series Milled Series Fixed Length Mesophase Pitch-based Carbon Fiber
- 3-6mm 50-300µm 1000mm
Tensile Strength MPa 2500-3500 2500-3500 1500-2500
Tensile Modulus GPa 500-900 500-900 250-350
Elongation % 0.4 - 1.2
Diameter µm 8-12 8-12 12-15
Thermal Conductivity W/(m·K) 500-800 500-800 -
Resistivity µΩ·m ≤3 ≤3 -
Density g/cm³ 2.20 2.20 2.15
Sizing % 0 0 0


  Mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber has many outstanding characteristics:

  1) High thermal conductivity: suitable for application as a thermal interface material (TIM). A thermal interface material (TIM) enables rapid heat transfer from a heat generating component to a heat sink, thereby reducing contact thermal resistance and improving heat dissipation performance. Consumer electronics is gradually developing towards thinness, high performance and multi-function. Slim and portable design of smart phones requires better heat dissipation and reliability of internal components. The performance of electronic products is becoming more and more powerful while the integration and assembly density are continuously increasing, resulting in a sharp increase in their power consumption and heat generation. Therefore, thermal management technology is a key factor for the future development of electronic products. Other applications include: 5G base stations, Netcom products, smart home IOT, etc.


  2) High electromagnetic shielding effect: suitable for application as an electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding material to reduce the interference of electromagnetic waves on electronic components. There are a wide variety of applications, especially for industries with particularly high accuracy, including Precision Testing Instruments, Aviation Aerospace and Military use.


  3) Strong wear and corrosion resistance: suitable for application as carbon fiber brake pads such that the life cycle of the brake system can be extended and better car balance and safety can be achieved, as well as reducing weight of automobiles.